Using SCRAM Ally

Start here for any help you may need when using the SCRAM Ally victim notification mobile application.


What is SCRAM Ally?


The SCRAM Ally victim notification mobile app ensures that when a SCRAM GPS client is in proximity to the victim’s phone, both the victim and supervising authorities are notified.


SCRAM Ally may help provide peace of mind for the victim and gives officers additional insight into the location and actions of SCRAM GPS clients.


– Real-time notification of client proximity violation


– Panic button calls 911 or custom emergency number


– Easy installation on a smartphone


– Intuitive app navigation


Installation & Setup

Download the SCRAM Ally mobile app from the Google Play Store. Currently, SCRAM Ally is only available on devices using Android® 8.0 and above.


Victims Guide (English)


Read the SCRAM Ally terms and conditions.



Alcohol Monitoring

GPS Monitoring

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